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Build your product in Elixir with a top Elixir agency

Elixir is great for building large enterprise level solutions such as Telecoms, Banking, e-commerce and IoT applications.

As a programming language Elixir offers speed and performance.

Why we use Elixir at Jyst

Elixir is a productive, modern  programming language that makes it easy for applications to vertically scale. In the recent years, Elixir has become well thought of for its scalability, functionality, concurrency and fault and error resistance.

Elixir is utilised by some of the leading companies today. Companies like Pinterest used Elixir to implement their notification centre. This choice cut their code base down from 10,000 lines to 1,000 lines.

Why we use Elixir development at Jyst

We know Elixir

One of the main advantages of Elixir is that is does not serve a specific niche, meaning that as a programming language along with its Phoenix framework can be used to build applications in any industry. 


Ready to Start your Project?

Our developers are part of an active Elixir community and have an in-depth knowledge of the right frameworks, libraries, tools and services to build a product.



Why hire Elixir developers from Jyst?

We are strategists

Being a leading Elixir development company, we present flexible and engaging solutions for our clients. Our remote developers can be leveraged on either a full-time or part-time basis.

We execute

Our committed developers are well-versed with the latest technologies and how to deploy them successfully. Employ our dedicated developer and execute your ideas from concept into a market ready product with our skilled and proficient team.

We are experienced in Elixir development

Our remote professional developers excel in building high-performance, solid and scalable app. Our developers all have over 8 years expertise.

Advantages of Elixir

  • Its a scaleable programming language 
  • Its a good fit for blockchain products
  • Embedded systems make it great for IoT projects
  • Great for Real-Time applications (instant messaging, chatting, video chatting and financial apps)
  • Its an active and supportive developer community
  • Allows for the growth of and scaling of products through clean syntax.
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