AWSM Banking App


Development of brand and UI/UX for AWSM Bank, a New York Fin-tech disruptor bank

Building a Fintech Brand

Disruptor and challenger banks are fast eating away at the market share of institutional banks. Traditional banks now find themselves competing and playing catchup with new banking applications who possess the ability to roll our features faster and provide more superior financial management features within their application.

AWSM Banking Parent View

Increasing Engagement 

When briefed by the AWSM Bank team the one optimised action was to increase engagement.  We achieved this by introducing easy navigation, menu bars and gestures to increase the engagement within the AWSM bank app.

Alongside this, we had to minimize the number of processes to any key action. No one wants to see screens of information or pages and pages of terms and conditions. So attention was paid to portraying what is necessary to a customer after creating an account.

In-app Rewards

Cleverly laying out a sophisticated rewards structure led to higher engagement across all age brackets. With AWSM an advanced rewards programme for educational courses was built into the application. This created an incentive element within the platform; when incentive meets education it’s a powerful combination.

Fintech Gamification

AWSM bank utilizes a lot of gamification throughout the app to drive people back to using the app. This improves acquisition growth and increases customer retention. Some of the elements of gamification include bonuses badges and rewards for completing chores and finishing courses. Key metrics and KPI’s on spending and saving habits were included with a progress indicator on the journey within the app.