Bonmo (www.bonmo.co) is a talent marketplace for hiring comedic talent for your brand. Bonmo provides your brand with an edge when looking for comedians whose skills and talents can be used in companies out-bound marketing efforts.

A website that has a pineapple wearing a sunglasses on the right side and a a text that says create a profile on the left side

Our focus was to refine their strong brand into Bonmo’s talent on-boarding process. This  involved looking at the UX design and implementation of the comedian on-boarding process. 

With a target audience that is not tech-savvy, the on-boarding process had to look slick, unique and searchable, but also intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing for quick account creation.

Technologies Used – Sketch, Zeplin, Whimsical, InVision

An app on the phone with a picture of a woman on it

A website that has a pineapple wearing a sunglasses with blue background and a newsfeed of a girl below.