A staff empowerment platform for more effective staff onboarding, training, communication and support.

A new way to onboard staff

Bosss is designed to ease the length and time it takes to onboard new staff and support them to get familiar with your project, task, or business processes.

Easy onboarding and support can be the difference between a product that flops and a product that scales. Bosss enables you to create rules around support tickets and utilize internal chat so your team can engage with your brand from the get-go.


Videos, Documents, Polls, Quizzes and Events.

Staff onboarding is no longer as simple as creating literature and letting your workforce sift through it.

Bosss utilises videos, documents, polls, quizzes and events to ensure that your message is communicated in a fun, vibrant and seamless way. The roadmap at Bosss is ambitious and includes Slack and Facebook workplace integrations so chat, video and voice message communications internally are centralised.


Wire-framing basic features

With a loaded product roadmap, Jyst’s role within the Bosss project was to create the onboarding wireframes and user flows from scratch.

This included keeping brand identity consistent with the easy nature of the brand and building out the journey flows to ensure that users themselves could get to grips with the feature set as easily as possible.


Design First

A strong product doesn’t always win market share, however, a strong product with great onboarding is a knockout punch.

Investing in staff onboarding is often a forget cost, but, evidence consistently shows investing in this reduces staff turnover and increases the ability to upsell.

If you are interested in our expert team designing your wireframes, onboarding, user flows and UI/UX assets then book in a call here.