Byte News


Develop an MVP for ByteNews, a New York Startup that provides personalised audio news summaries to take the work out of staying informed.

From Concept into Design Sprint

Byte News started the building process by going through a remote design sprint. The process. Taking an idea from concept to creation is an intense process. The goals of the design sprint are to align thoughts, define the challenges and problem framing, then through feedback and user testing bring these learnings into your wireframe and prototype exercise.


Byte News playlist

A modern tech-stack

Byte News needed to be reactive and push features through with minimal friction. Early-stage beta testing led to feedback that drove the direction of the product. To build a product that had the flexibility to grow in feature set the tech stack of Byte News was built in Elixir with a React Native Front End.



A slick and unique UI and UX

The ambition at Byte News is to revolutionise news in the same way Blinkist has changed the landscape of reading. Short condensed pieces of non-biased news based on your interests.

Learn more about our design sprints here

MVP launch

To launch an MVP, the Byte News application went through the necessary TestFlight deployment, beta testing, culminating in the launch of the product to the broader market.
To make this process, smooth close communication was kept with the Founders of the business utilising Zoom and Slack to make sure we are an extension of the Byte News team as opposed to an agency building a product.