Couply is a rewards based app for couples to put fun into general tasks and to-do lists in a relationship. This meant Couply had to be playful, simple & make you smile - nothing else.

How it works

It’s simple, you sign up, add your partner and start adding jobs for them to do. You can add due dates and set them rewards. If they complete all their jobs. (A reward they can only receive once you have proof the jobs are done ?)

Three phones with same app but different icons and text with a pink background and a text that says couply

Rewards-based activity tracker

Rewards are what make jobs fun. Before you add jobs you need to set a reward. Your partner can only see the reward once they complete all their jobs.


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, this app is developed in React Native with a custom front-end framework.

Launch & Deliverables

Couply puts a bit of mojo into the mundane tasks facing couples when organizing weddings, trips, holidays, or general day-to-day activities.

Download the app here.