Flexible Office Space


Website Rebrand and Custom CMS

A webpage that offers a work space with a short list and contact info on the left side

Refreshed Identity

Provide a revised vision and style to the brand to bring it more inline with the trendy DAMIT market within Central London.

Putting the user first

Assess end user needs and build ideal user journey. Optimise for conversion.
Mapping out the ideal user journey and analysing competitor sites we were able to create a simple and direct flow from the homepage to an ideal property for people on the go.

A webpage with a text that says Choose your space with chairs or a hall behind it and transparent blue background with the same webpage

Make is easier to connect

Both end-users to properties but also agents to end-users, social media and beyond. Focusing on features such as Starred spaces, shortlists, social media sharing and intelligent live search with Gmap’s to provide a better experience compared to competitor websites.

Integration with back-office

We worked directly with the companies existing property management system to call properties via API directly into the site. This ensured centralised management and ensures latest properties appear on the site without delay.

Better results

Increase in page views and sessions by 50% in the first 30 days. Bounce rates halved and significant increase in session duration. A great base to build on for future growth.