Journey Foods


UI/UX Development of Journey Foods, a Chicago based machine learning platform for food companies.

Journey Foods Overview

JourneyAI analyses millions of ingredients via nutrients, supply chain insights and more, to help you discover the perfect ingredient for any product. Consequently, Journey Foods enables companies to launch their foods startup in half the time it would take you to launch a food business through traditional methods.

JourneyAI possesses an AI-powered database. This feeds data from thousands of sources and provides insights to enable superior food product development experience to current technologies.

Journey Foods Dashboard

Web Design and UI 

In developing a brand, the client required a SaaS webpage that presented its unique value proposition, above all, the interface needed to be slick and present the value proposition. In building the website we had to optimise the standard SaaS metrics to driving signups.

To achieve this, various call to actions were placed on the website to drive demos and subscriptions. View the Journey Foods homepage here

Journey Foods Dashboard


This project involved the design team working with the Founder of Journey Foods Riana Lynn. The qualitative and quantitive data had already been complete; the project required this data to have a dashboard that would be user-friendly.

Once the forming of the concepts became watertight, work commenced on drafting the wireframes and turning them into high fidelity prototypes. This workflow was then passed to the React Native team to implement. At Jyst, we use Whimsical and Sketch in our workflow and split the work between our UI and UX team to bring this to life.


Journey Foods Product Screen

Better Products, Better Data

JourneyAI required a slick UI interface that presented data in a concise but understandable manner. Skill had to be applied in creating a balance between information overload and providing the nutritional detail required to display complex data.

The dashboard was designed specifically for developing and managing retail food products. As a result of its companies such as IBM, Google and the University of Chicago have partnered with Journey Foods.