Deliver a unique iOS application utilising 3D face-scanning and 3D imaging allowing users to make memories and create 3D printed busts.

Sculptable App Screens

MVP 3D Printing Application

Sculptable is an iOS application that allows you to create busts of friends, family, pets, or even place yours on famous figures through history.

What is a fun, engaging e-commerce application is quite a technological achievement through the applications face mapping feature that accurately maps the face’s contours for 3D printing.

The Sculptable application, design, prototype and MVP development is an example of a product that has completed a Jyst Design Sprint 2.0. Our Design Sprints are prototyping workshops that allow you to map the customer journey, optimise the user flows and build an intuitive digital product.

Design Sprint 2.0


Our e-commerce design sprints are different from our other application sprints. A higher focus on actions to checkout and additional attention given to user flows and UI.

The 5-day Sculptable Design Sprint defining all the user-journeys created user journey maps.  The Design Sprint highlighted the following:

  • The in-app tutorial on the face mapping features had to be slick and fast considering it was the focal point.
  • The onboarding experience that offered clear and easy instructions on using the 3D face scanner to provide the fastest route to add the item to basket.  


Different users would have different behaviours if they were gifting a 3D bust, or using the application for a bit of fun. All these user requirements were compiled to bring together the wireframe and UI of the application.

The Design Sprint allowed for rapid product iteration within the week reducing development time and cost.

MVP Development


Integration with the native IOS camera and a bespoke UI was paramount to the product. The 3D mapping had to be fast but still allow the high-quality contouring of facial features.

The checkout process had to integrate with Apple Pay, so the checkout experience was frictionless.