T4COM Re-seller Portal


Build a resellers portal for T4com. Specialists in Business VOIP.

T4COM from Concept into Design Sprint

T4com is a UK based specialist in providing VOIP solutions to enterprises in the UK. T4com’s vision was to focus on their core capabilities whilst servicing new sales through a resellers platform. T4com approached Jyst Creative about developing a bespoke resellers platform.

Building the T4COM re-seller portal

The tool would track call logging information, measure KPI’s and ROI and streamline the method in which resellers sold T4com products. All this information had to be on a dashboard that presented the resellers KPI’s.

Integrates with Maria DB

MariaDB is fast, scalable and robust with a rich ecosystem of storage engines and plugins. It’s open-source and is highly regarded as being more robust than MySQL 5.7. The T4com resellers’ platform had to communicate with MariaDB to offer the feature set needed for the reseller.

High Security

When handling communications and voice data high-grade security and encryption needs to be integrated. In building the resellers’ platform security measures such as 2-Factor Authentication and compliance with GDPR law was required for the consumer and client.