ZPD Middle Circle


Middle Circle is a performance management platform that consists of two applications and designed for coaches and Middle Circle for members. Middle Circle is designed to support and improve the performance and efficiency of individuals and teams in a corporate environment.


Tasked with developing a performance management software from concept to prototype design development for public release, we developed two new products for coaches and members. Each is under a new brand ‘Middle Circle™’ which was also conceived during the project planning process.

Middle Circle is now deployed across a range of industries to improve companies boardroom decision making performance  by offering actionable and interpreted insights and metrics. 

Technologies Used – Ruby on Rails, Slim, + BootstrapSass

A webpage that shows the team dynamic results summary with a graph on the right side

The Steps

  1. Understanding initial concept and big idea. In-depth meetings covering the overall needs from stakeholders, solutions around these needs and how they would work within the context of the existing ZPD process, teaching and techniques.

  2. Mapping user journey’s. Due to the hierarchical nature of clients within ZPD a clear journey for each stakeholder was mapped and refined ensuring key actions and process are completed at all levels. Maximising flexibility and ease-of-use whilst minimising complexity.

  3. Brand design and key elements. The design of a consistent theme of elements across both apps. Focusing on specific unique elements such as the Relationship Map, Results Mapping, and survey design.

  4. Working prototypes. Provided as live links for the client to test the overall experience, check features and functionality directly, giving feedback on any refinements or changes that can be made quickly.

  5. Software development and delivery. Full bespoke development built on a customer cloud server with Ruby on Rails. Full training and support provided throughout the lifetime of each product.

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