Digital Marketing

Do you ever land on a companies website to find they then target you in such relevant ways that you end up purchasing?

This is no accident, this is because the brands have multiple touchpoint marketing funnels set up working for them.

To find out how to set up a marketing funnel speak to one of the team at Jyst today.

Measuring the metrics that matter.

If you can’t measure, you can’t improve.

Digital Marketing is about isolating the metrics that matter, then, channelling multiple organic and paid efforts at optimising the performance of your campaigns.

This way you drive down customer acquisition costs, and increase customer lifetime value.



Ad Words and PPC

AdWords management and PPC campaigns are a great way of getting a high volume of traffic in a short period of time. At Jyst we do all the keyword planning and campaign management to make sure your campaigns get you bang for buck.

Social Media Management

Social media management and content creation go hand in hand. As they say. Content is King. Distribution is Queen.
Simply put, there is little business advantages in creating fantastic content if your target audience do not see it.

Email Automation

We utilise the latest tools to build your automated email journeys. By creating authentic multiple touchpoint email journeys you can easily drive your prospects into sales. Speak to one of the Jyst team today to get started.

Landing Page and Funnel Design

At Jyst we have build Landing Pages and Sales Funnels for businesses to improve their sales. Be it getting more clients and opportunities into your sales funnel, or creating a sales upsell strategy, we can do it!

Google Analytics and Google Tags

Our team are well adjusted in setting up all the analytics and tracking codes to enable you to improve on KPI's within your business.

Content and SEO

Our team of copywriters and SEO experts continually keep up-to-date with the latest trends to improve your organic visibility. Speak to our team today about a blogging, content and SEO strategy.
Growth Marketing Dashboard

See how Jyst built an automated marketing and lead generation platform for Strangford