Design Sprints

At Jyst we run design sprints for companies looking to launch new products, features or new businesses who wish to launch a product from the ground up.

Our tried and tested methods help businesses create a clear vision and roadmap. A Sprint validates product market fit quickly. 

5 Days to Prototype

A Design Sprint takes your app from Concept to Prototype. 

Run over 5 days either with clients in house or remotely. The Jyst Design Sprint take your product to the next level in 5 days. Providing you the ability to either go to investors, or commence into development with your prototype.


Sprint Certified

We apply the best and updated methodologies and processes when running a design sprint. Our Certified Sprint Masters have the skillsets and qualifications to bring a level of expertise to your Design Sprint. 


Is a design sprint right for me?

Design sprints are ideal if you have researched and defined an opportunity and feel the market can be disrupted by your idea . Clients who benefit from a design sprint have spotted an opportunity in the market and want to explore and validate their idea further.

What can I expect at the end of a design sprint?

Design sprints offer different outcomes to different clients. They are specific to client and industry requirement. This means they are process driven. For some, a design sprint will lead to an MVP build, for others it will lead to a business pivot or new feature launch.

What are the next steps after a design sprint?

After a design sprint is complete, you will be the proud owner of a complete set of design and working prototypes for your product.

From here you can proceed with development. Perhaps you need investment to take the next steps. Your options are open, you will certainly be in a stronger position, more product focussed and have a clear defined vision.

What are the next steps after a design sprint?