3 Cool Social Media Marketing Tools

When you are growing a business, you often don’t have a lot of human power behind your social media marketing so it’s always nice to look for ways you can reduce the time it takes to create engaging content. Here’s a new tool called Shout, its an app for creating colourful animated GIFS from images and text and it runs in your browser. You can create small, simple GIFS in seconds. Another excellent GIF service is GIFS.com, which allows you to upload a YouTube video ( or someone else’s Youtube video) and trim the video to the section you want to add captions and save an animated GIF for you to use. You can get some excellent results in very little time. Remember: People’s attention spans are low, and they usually click on something that is moving, so you need to grab their attention on social media. Now meet , We’ve loved finding out about Mailport, in a nutshell, it allows you to create a MailChimp style campaigns but for facebook messenger. The best part is that it’s free for up to 1000 Facebook messenger subscribers. These great offerings give you a chance to deep dive into a tool before you start paying for it.

You may have heard of Buffer, but later.com‘s USP is that they allow you to schedule your posts visually. Instagram is such a visual platform that it makes sense to be able to schedule your posts visually and differently than you may do a Tweet. Have you come across any cool social media tools lately ? If you have please reach out and let us know, we love trying out new tools.